MSE Systems

Welcome to MSE Systems


MSE Systems Pte Ltd was established in year 2006 & our core business is Standard Aluminium Profile Extrusions & Accessories used mainly in factory automation & processes. We work very closely with machine intergrators to supply customised machine frameworks and enclosures to suit their customer's processes and applications. Our products could be used in others like mobile rack, workbench, partition, dining table, bedframe, etc. The applications are limited only by the users' imagination.

Beside our own products, we are also the distributor for Grieger & Dbasix Standard Aluminium Profiles & Accessories to compliment our short-coming!

MSE & Dbasix have '3 Systems' to choose from : G5 (Groove 5mm), G6 (Groove 6mm), G8 (Groove 8mm). GREIGER have '2 Systems' to choose from : S8 (Slot 8mm), S10 (Slot 10mm), each with their own accessories.